Dog Fouling Walk Around Feedback

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Posted by Richard Judd Richard Judd
Good walk with Civic Pride contact Geoffry Knight and also Neignbiruhood Warden contact Paul Anderson

Good to show live examples by the Vets and also on Durham Road

Durham Road will have a clean team visit ASAP

There are new rules/tightening of the laws on Dog related issues coming in from 1st June 2017- more details to follow

In the meantime use Do It Onine to report instances (but not on the C2C Cycleway as this is managed by Sustrans North East)

Also if you notice in your area serial offending please keep a diarty including dates, times and any decription of dogs and owners so that the Council Teams can use this intelliagence to take ACTION

There will be another meeting with the Warden team mid June once the new laws are in place for an update

But please take ACTION yourselves by reporting instances,,