Leadgate Taskforce Update March 30th 2017

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Posted by Richard Judd Richard Judd
Minutes from the Leadgate Taskforce Meeting will be available in due course in the meantime some key updates

1. Management Committe of Chair, Finance (Treasuer) and Secretary were voted into place. Chair-Myself, Finance Yvonne Walker and Secretary Janet Lavery
 2. Currently 2 additonal Core Team have also filled thanks to Kimberley Walton and Jeanette Harold.

3. Formal Group status approved with Constituation approved and bank account to be opend with the Prince Bishop Community Bank

Help is still needed to continue planning of Leadgate XMAS 2017-please do get in touch if you would like to help in regards to this.

Litter Picks- Anyone who can do a regular litter pick in their area once or twice a month the Council have agreed to supply a picker, bag hoop and bags from May., Thanks to a couple of people have already expressed an interest- more welcome

Organised Litter Pick Events to be arranged with the Woods at end of West Street and a par of the graveyard at St Ives Church being the first to be tackled. More details in due course

Operation Spruce Up-Hot Spots now identified and will form part of the planning which first meeting will be during end of May with the Spruce up happening in July- dates to be confirmed

Social Event at Leadgate Cricket Club Sat 22nd Aprui Free Entry all welcome

If you see any areas that need imnprovement or have any suggestions for potential projects please do get in touch


Richard Judd
 Chairman of The Leadgate Taskforce