Watling Woods Update and Ideas to think about

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Posted by Richard Judd Richard Judd

Andy Plant updated on this project at the Area Partnership meeting last night

Some costs now been provided. Looks like 2 seats to be provided, a "dipping platform" and limited amount of additional boardwalk

2 ideas out of discussion around this was

1. Could the Watling Wood be made a "community asset" so that the Village would be informed of any plans for the area.

2. Access for wheelchairs. pushchairs- personally be lovely to take my disabled daughter to explore the woods, David Harrop I was told you had talked about Learning for Life being interested in looking options to secure funding to make access happen. Be good to get some ideas together to explore

Also hope the project does get completed as looking at possible Guided walks in the Woods as part of the Land of Oak & Iron Explore Festival in September

Please do comment on your thoughts on both points and also likely to be an item on the next Partnership meeting so come on have your say